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Andrew Zimmerman
United States
Personal Quote: “Intelligence is the ability to avoid doing work, yet getting the work done.” Linus Torval
Through the evolution of dA, site loading time has risen.
The main cause of this, is force fed JavaScipt. (Ads are a necessity obviously, and have no part in my argument.)

Javascript in any site is almost mandatory. Yet overdoing it, and not looking at the Right things to change, are only beneficial at overextending an old idea.

The user data:…
is above the site's logo.
This, I have not seen on any other website; it is entirely backwards and still confuses the user to this day.
The user needs Their material closer then the standard material.

Things have become quite bloated and unusable (maybe not unusable, but much like navigating through a Windows Vista Control Panel * 10.

Regarding the Javascript issue, I find it hard to believe there is not another method of browsing this site without being forced to view it in brilliant shiny icons.
There should be an option for different, minimal browsing modes in the profile section.

What dA has to understand, is that this is no longer Web 2.0 anymore.
Many of you have started synchronizing your actions through Twitter or Facebook or both. (Yes, both.)
Extensions for Firefox (…) enabling further and further functionality (along with competing browsers implementing other aspects;
are all shape shifting the web from which we connect ourselves.

deviantART needs to learn, the developers should be looking at sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pownce, blogspot, etc. and learning from the different traits which make them superior to one another in different regards.
Take for instance, on the user profile page; a three page scroll of comments which over-abundantly consist of Thanks and You're Welcome.
Just check mine if you don't believe me. (Just kidding.)

Instead of improving the old look, and "switching it around"-making it look terrible in some regards- we should instead improve the usability of the interface. Minimize oversized icons, and Eliminate the multiple routes of achieving the same options! (For instance, the "More button.")

Interface needs to be focused on the user's ability to figure out what to do, and do it, not on enabling the most possible JavaScript functionality into one package.
This isn't Gmail.

A Twitterlike functionality seems to me, to be a more functional usage of the Activity status.
For instance, maybe shortening that Profile commenting section and replacing it with activity status scrolling similar to Facebook's?

The interface needs to be shared and Organized! (The user bar is almost completely empty, while, well I'll show you:…

Or, the option to go to Channels (From the main page for example) is unnecessary, if there is already an option on the left side, and yet it remains there unceasingly. I believe a little less than half of the poll despised the changes when this current layout became active.

If there is any incentive to pay for a subscription, it should be more then an enabled (WAY BACK!!!) view, and the ability to fit my CSS in your unchanging little journal box..

*tips hat.

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my cats eat cat food
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Welcome to *RawEm0tion

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hi ... i was a bit busy last week ... but thank you very much for the devWatch =)
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why would you delete your account?
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Alinoasa Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2008
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